Location: Netherlands

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Surfing vs Music

Hard to say which is better.....all I know is I haven't had enough surf lately. Pictures here are of Joey (my 14 year old) with a crap board I was able to borrow for him. They say you live through your kids. There might be something in that. We got some good waves that morning before the wind came up. The other photo is Lotte and Zsa Zsa. We decided to head up on over the headland after the surf went mush. Saw a few whales and a pack of frisky young dolphins - probably adolescent males showin off for the girls, the way they were behavin, thrashin around like an Under 15 football team on big day out. The other photo is a Nankeen Kestrel - resident and residing over his coastal meadow, balancing on the wind, a long and sudden swoop to the leeward side with the slightest tilt of a feather. Enchantment.
Shhhh....the Mid North Coast of NSW, July 2009 - the old stompin ground.